Tourniquet Recorded Live

by Tourniquet



released July 1, 1993



all rights reserved
Track Name: Phantom Limb
The case of George Dedlow
Double amputee, one of 500,000
Civil War casualties
Suffered a phenomenon so bizarre
Even the doctors looked on from afar

How can you feel a leg that isn't even there?
From cold to burning heat
To pain beyond compare
Clinically know as phantom limb
So hard to treat, prognosis dim

Brachial plexus avulsion
They told you cycles were dangerous
Nerves ripped from the spinal cord
You certainly need the Lord

But just like the feeling in your arm that is gone
You've severed communication with Him all along
Even though you know it's totally wrong
Spiritual death kicks off it's swan song

Don't throw away the years He gives you
By hardening your heart within you
And if you cut off both your own legs
And you have sworn just to ignore Him
The phantom limb will start to haunt you
He wants to bring you back, revive you
Track Name: MEDLEY: Ark of Suffering / Stereotaxic Atrocities
You think it's alright to destroy God's creation
They don't have a voice so who cares how we're treating them here
If you read his word you should know that he blessed them
I know your defense is to say "God said dominate them"

Do you think dominate means to kill just for sport?
Wear the fur from their backs, train them for circus acts?
Take our pets to be gased once their "cute" age has passed?

Don't you see in their eyes how they trust us?
But man in his sin turns that trust into horrible pain
When God says to man give account of you life's work
We must be prepared to reply "Your creation I loved"

Locked behind steel cage
Forced to take drugs we've made
Cut them up just to show
What we already know

Brilliant scientific enterprise
The altruistic benefit of humanity justifies
A white lab coat represents the icon
Eradicate disease, the pedestal it stands on
lies shattered on the floor

Just another day, the dead half a million lay
Your taxes will foot the bill, supply animals to kill

Before they die...
Who will hear them cry?
Track Name: Whitewashed Tomb
Instrumental by Ted Kirkpatrick
Track Name: The Skeezix Dilemma
Silly childhood game - Uncle Wiggly
I cower in abject horror
Approaching space number 109
Home of the gaunt and haggard shell of the Skeezix

The emaciated figure
Harboring the greed of a thousand
Invading, thriving, ascaris whittles away
The self confidence of young minds
Casting doubt that they will
Ever reach the finish to see for themselves
The sagacious Uncle Wiggly

His mission now is complete
The arboreal king of misery and woe
Skeezix reposes high on a knotty forest crag
And the child still tries his best to
Stay into the game
But with insufficent, no volition
Plotted course of demolition
Goes through all the motions
Musing caveat emptor and
A predetermined failure

He draws a card and all his fears come true
Advance to 109
That's what you have to do

When Mr. Skeezix becomes Mr. Jones
Or you, or me
Just think of what that does to wreck
A child of two or three
They know and feel much more than
We will give them credit for
And all they want in life from you
Is love and nothing more
When painful eyes begin to cringe
When you walk through the door
Remember children are a gift of love
Sent from the Lord
Track Name: The Tempter
I am the Tempter
Ruler of Hell
Bringer of evil

Watch for temptation for it is there
Takes his time but loves to dare
All the people they are losing their minds
He don't care, he takes all kinds
Says, "Love, won't you take a bite?"
God appears and says, "This ain't right"
We are damned for what evil has done
You know now the tempter has you won

I am the One
The Almighty
I'll give you all the good things in life
Take Me

It is said God tempteth no man
Keep in mind you know he can
Listen to one now this we must
For we are all conceived in lust
The Tempter he taketh your life
We know now who will reign
God says it bringeth forth sin
Take my word it brings on death

This time you have won
But what about the next?
You know I'll get you

When you are losing your mortal soul
It's too late to cry to the Lord
Hear me now all you sinners
Track Name: The Messiah
Take him down, take him down
Move him gently, hold his head
Wipe his face, clean the blood off
Lay him here, wrap him in this cloth

Lift him up, lift him up
Move him easy, careful now
He's the Messiah

Tears are filling eyes of sorrow
Hands are touching, no one's speaking
His eyes are empty, skin's so white
His body's cold, it has no life

He's the Messiah
He's the Messiah

Go! Into the world and tell
All of creation He lives
He lives in the hearts of men
He said, "Go! Into the world and tell
All of creation He lives
He lives in the hearts of men"


Dry your eyes, hold each other
Lift your eyes, you are brothers
He's the Messiah

Don't be afraid, He has risen, He's not here
Why are you trembling with fear?
Just as He told you, just as He said
They could not stop Him, He is not dead!


He's Alive!