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by Tourniquet

A difference of opinion - we agree to disagree But you have stopped talking with me - now your talking at me Pre-trib, post-trib, five point, no point, heal me, slay me, free will, no will As our common ground leans to the moribund delighted - devastated - dilapidated impressive - insightful - insane enchanted - enraptured - embalmed The narrow path you're on will soon become a balance beam And to always win the war of words is where you get your self-esteem The message of His Word says come to me as a child But when I mention it to you, you say His Word I've defiled "Enough about you talking about me - why don't I talk about me for awhile" "Yes, but the point is..." "See here - the polemical literature states clearly that sufficiency of attrition is not enough for even the penitent confessor to overcome the antidisestablishmentarianism of one's dispensationalistic concept of theistic determinism" "No you..." "The loftiness of my vicissitudes precludes the fact that we simply cannot see eye to eye" "Are you sure you're not double minded?" He came to set the prisoner free A message of simplicity 1 Timothy 1:3-7
Words verbose, gory to what end do they serve? Or images vivid scarlet horrors absurd Of shrieking sounds that evoke the legions of hell The notes that you choose and the beats that you sell You're not giving all the glory to Him Because your artwork depicts a severed limb And all the people buy into your deceit Because you're keeping way too frantic a beat They said to Bach three hundred years ago "You work in the church there's something you should know We hired you to write music that glorifies But theses toccatas and fugues just simply horrify" He said, "they're simply notes put together in bars And why you think that's wrong I just throw up my arms" Eviscerate words that evoke emetic thoughts Dissect and discard what speaks of corpses in rot The leprous stumps of the sick and the lame The stoning of Stephen, Job's scab covered frame And John the Baptist - a head on a platter Remove this gorefest - why should it matter? You say this pace beckons evil spirits But I care not what you call it To me it's two hundred beats per minute On tablature I scrawled it If you arrived at the site Of Calvary's scarlet fright Would fears have made your feet take flight And turn away from our Lord's plight John 7:24
After final separation of the twelve tribes The kingdom of Israel succumbed to idolatry God’s anger raged at King Ahab and his nation For idolatry and persecution of his priests They were put to death in astonishing numbers Now God’s plan - a punishment for their sins He sent Elijah TELL HIM, to tell King Ahab THREE YEARS, for three years and a half NO RAIN, no rain shall fall in Israel As soon as Elijah had foretold this great evil God bade him hide himself from the rage of Ahab In a certain place near the brook called Cherith Where He had commanded the ravens to feed him So he dwelt and drank of the water from the brook While the ravens brought him food morning and evening Do unto the least of these GOD’S PLAN, God’s instruments of his plan RAVENS, the blackest bird of them all FED HIM, the ravens heard God’s call Lead: Guerra God provides when hope is gone today God provides when you must hide away God provides when hope is gone today The members of Jeroboam's family who die in the city will be eaten by dogs, and those who die in the field will be eaten by vultures. I, the Lord, have spoken. (Vocal by Pastor Bob Beeman) 1st Kings 12:16 to 1st Kings 17
I ask that You return me The years I did ignore Thee And with my burden bury The weight of guilt I carry And lead me to the well of life Before my soul departs Now I so clearly see how I have murdered me and I cannot fake what I tried to make of myself; a God Please heal me The halls of countless erudite teeming with the self deified Cloaked in snuffy habiliments No need to strive for holiness When beauty dies she leaves behind The scars of dreams abandoned long ago Where myriad wonders once repelled the onslaught of decay Now given to the manifold miseries of mortal dismay And out of joy is sorrow born the stained white halls are now forlorn Wisdom calls from these halls Now I so clearly see how I have murdered me and I cannot fake Please heal me So very wise in their own eyes The world's great minds will one day find That for life they studied, worked, and pined, But in wisdom made by man alone, That a high IQ with low regard Will be dethroned and from heaven barred Wisdom calls from these halls I ask that You return me The years I did ignore Thee And with my burden bury The weight of guilt I carry And lead me to the well of life Before my soul departs I Corinthians 1:27
Silly childhood game - Uncle Wiggly I cower in abject horror Approaching space number 109 Home of the gaunt and haggard shell of the Skeezix The emaciated figure Harboring the greed of a thousand Invading, thriving, ascaris whittles away The self confidence of young minds Casting doubt that they will Ever reach the finish to see for themselves The sagacious Uncle Wiggly His mission now is complete The arboreal king of misery and woe Skeezix reposes high on a knotty forest crag And the child still tries his best to Stay into the game But with insufficent, no volition Plotted course of demolition Goes through all the motions Musing caveat emptor and A predetermined failure He draws a card and all his fears come true Advance to 109 That's what you have to do When Mr. Skeezix becomes Mr. Jones Or you, or me Just think of what that does to wreck A child of two or three They know and feel much more than We will give them credit for And all they want in life from you Is love and nothing more When painful eyes begin to cringe When you walk through the door Remember children are a gift of love Sent from the Lord
I. The Suffering Skeezix bloated in petulance from the night's debauch Wields his mutated feline frame down from his arboreal watch Space 109 is always occupied by the countless faces who tried and tried Bruises from an unseen source as a chronic abuser runs his course There is no remorse Sinewy limbs reach through the bars to collect the carcasses of souls Given over to the deeds of infamy, Skeezix took his toll The ungainly truncated form of the docile Pipsisewah Subtle in demeanor yet with powers that beggar description They call him by different names Some call him Gilgamesh, the man who has never tasted death The size of the room is half as large cause your fears became your vice II. The Battle Tormentor underestimating the power of the Pipsisewah Confrontation on the grandest scale the outcome already known The child whose humble prayer set the battle of ages Torment no more III. The Victory We call him Jehovah who's always near And you can win the battle when you pray without fear The weak are victorious when the strong reaches down And the ones who bring sadness will bow to the Crown Matthew 19:14
Through famine, flood and choking mud the ancient river flows Bringing life and death, transporting friend and foe To build their cities by its banks the hopeful people chose Fortify the walls - the fortress grows Secure within the confines of the stone But what awaited them they couldn't have known Healing waters of the Tigris Ever flowing and all knowing Healing waters of the Tigris Washing over me 612 BC the Tigris floods and builds in turbulence Pagan land of Nineveh - self-righteous over confidence The rising torrent crushes stone and courses on its way God's judgment on that fateful day - a terrible price to pay The greatest city of all - Nineveh - with towering city walls The awesome power of the swollen river Tigris - caused that massive city to fall Healing waters of the Tigris Ever flowing and all knowing Living water of Jehovah Balm of Gilead Genesis 2:14, Revelation 7:17
Is the God that I worship like an eight ball that says yes, maybe, or no? Or like Ouija board that points the direction to go? A family looks on forlorn and sad The outcome will determine thankful or mad Temperature soars to 107° Passing hands not yet ready for heaven He sees himself floating somewhere overhead A haunting apparition high above his bed "It's me - I think But I seem to resemble the soul of a ghoul" The hand trembler walks out Not a word did he say Is his power for real Though he failed today? The family has scorned him Hand trembler denied The life of their son Snuffed out as they cried "You left us in agony Your power is fake Though we trusted in you This answer we'll not take" Do you have the faith to let God be God - that is the question Not a question of outcome but a question of trust For He is truly God and we are but dust... There are things in this life we can never explain On the wicked and righteous come sunshine and rain I am not God though at times I have tried "You don't need Him" - the deceiver has lied
A family sits heartbroken in a courtroom Hoping for justice and closure Their daughter’s killer sits just a few feet away Smirking and silent - a laugh now and then There’ll be no apology that he will wish to say Unrepentant - there’ll be no remorse today Where is justice in this world? Does pure evil enter into paradise? Should unrepentant wickedness deserve something so nice? Let justice reign, relieve their pain, let justice reign Appointed unto man to die And after that the judgment comes The unrepentant wicked will be cast into damnation Appointed unto man to die And after that the judgment comes Even though His hope is that we all will find salvation Hebrews 9:27


Beethoven meets Frankenstein. Led by drummer/songwriter Ted Kirkpatrick, these ten tracks take you on a journey represented by all the things the band is known for.


released December 30, 2019

All words and music by Ted Kirkpatrick
2019 Pathogenic Records All rights Reserved.
All songs remastered by Aaron Pace
Cover art by Guang Yang
Guest vocal redux on “Fed by Ravens, Eaten by Vultures” by Tim Ripper Owens

After nearly 30 years of “Tourniquet”, it’s time. Time for an epic release. An epic release appropriately titled “TOURNIQUET: THE EPIC TRACKS. If you’re a true Tourniquet fan, you know what we’re talking about. These are the tracks that take you on a journey – that reveal something new every time you listen.


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Tourniquet Boca Raton, Florida

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