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Pathogenic Ocular Dissonance

by Tourniquet

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Chris-Blonda1 thumbnail
Chris-Blonda1 This album is awesome till the last note. Favorite track: Spectrophobic Dementia.
micahjrd thumbnail
micahjrd Old favorite...good for Tourniquet. Favorite track: The Skeezix Dilemma.
Samson Wick
Samson Wick thumbnail
Samson Wick This album brought so much refinement to Tourniquet's style that it would have been nearly impossible to improve upon it. Every track feels polished to perfection. It somehow juxtaposes frenetic and smooth with amazing solos, anamorphic rhythms and unrivaled vocal range. Every track has something interesting to offer, but En Hakkore has always had a special place in my heart for reasons which should be easy to work out:). From the crazy time signature changes of the title track to the 10 minute epic The Skeezix Dilemma, this album is a timeless feast for the ears. Favorite track: En Hakkore.
GODSPEED|seven thumbnail
GODSPEED|seven It's too much to ask to pick a favorite song.
Such interesting instrumentation & lyrics is unmatched in my opinion.

Funny how I fell in love with this midway through high school, and 15 years later, I like it even more. Favorite track: Gelatinous Tubercles of Purulent Ossification.
Nickolaus Pacione
Nickolaus Pacione thumbnail
Nickolaus Pacione This is a hard album to pick a favorite track because it's got a unique direction for it. I wish I had the Metal Blade Records version of this because you'd never guess they got dual distribution This is a hell of an album -- what Master of Puppets did in 1986, Tourniquet did with this album then Iced Earth in 1995 with Burnt Offerings. Favorite track: Phantom Limb.
N thumbnail
N P O D is a song I love! Favorite track: Pathogenic Ocular Dissonance.
With fervid vocility we have perused Through centuries of countless bethumbed volumes Finding little solace for our plight With absolute bodily quiescence We have pondered While earthenware pots are shattered and scattered And hanging plants mournfully wilt and waste away Encrusted ghouls once loved and cherished Fortress and shield razed in absolute defeat Pining away in curious conflagration But this I call to mind and therefore I have hope...
The iguanidae sees East and West simultaneously The praying mantis sees three hundred flies from three Orbit of man, divergent strabismus and Compound eyes alien by design Pathogenic Ocular Dissonance Unravel the surcingle, clotted and much Excoriated eons of life unsound Avert your gaze, the horrific pestilence You are spared and standing on Holy ground Searching nystagmus, it's no wonder Spiritual migraines still persist The scales fall, the cataracts desist The life you once led is not even missed Pathogenic Ocular Dissonance When red is green and green is gray You've failed the test in column A You see at twenty what we do at fifty The wisdom of sight comes from the father of lights The treasure you see, the treasure you know There will your heart be found also
Phantom Limb 05:40
The case of George Dedlow Double amputee, one of 500,000 Civil War casualties Suffered a phenomenon so bizarre Even the doctors looked on from afar How can you feel a leg that isn't even there? From cold to burning heat To pain beyond compare Clinically know as phantom limb So hard to treat, prognosis dim Brachial plexus avulsion They told you cycles were dangerous Nerves ripped from the spinal cord You certainly need the Lord But just like the feeling in your arm that is gone You've severed communication with Him all along Even though you know it's totally wrong Spiritual death kicks off it's swan song Don't throw away the years He gives you By hardening your heart within you And if you cut off both your own legs And you have sworn just to ignore Him The phantom limb will start to haunt you He wants to bring you back, revive you
Vision from the past As you see yourself floating to shore Tragedy that the water depth wasn't Three feet more Diving from the cliff Never thought it would come to this Incoherent utterance "Don't move the body like this" Years later in the metal chair Passing day after day Bitterness permeates everthing I do and say What kind of God would do a thing like this? Ruin my life God's got a funny sense of humor When it comes to strife The way, mind and heart of God Are certainly mysterious "My plans are not your plans" But remember this That everything I do I do in love To bring you closer to me No matter what your problems or Circumstances happen to be When you put away bitterness You will see what you have missed
I feel a piece of my life escapes me With every rising of the sun Subtle thoughts assuring me that I'm not well Asyndesis, mind undone Was it me? Was I there? No way to tell memory cast farewell Will I live? Am I dead? Somebody said, "He's getting worse" 1943 inside, outside it's yesterday God please help me Lacramation down my face Voices strangers from my past The people that I love Worried smiles across the room It's me they're thinking of You don't know how lame it is to wonder who you are Losing touch with everything, and everyone's so far Give to me the dreams my brain and mind will not recall Give to me the dignity of knowing me at all Here alone inside, please comfort me before I die And I can only be restored by your hand He who hears the Word and turns To do not what it says and learn Is like the man who gazed into the mirror For an honest view And saw himself and walked away Forgot the sight without delay This fate could be for me or you So seek the Lord in grace and truth
When the sunlight strikes raindrops in the air, they act like a prism and form a rainbow. The rainbow is a division of white light into many beautiful colors. Unavoidable larygectomy Summon the E.N.T.M.D. Is this the end for me? Install the Western Electric number 5000 Creach modification Nicotine addiction, larnyx benediction Learn a whole new way to speak Physic's law number two Every action that you do Has a strong and binding force Set in motion human course Your rainbow and the pot of gold The dreams that you had grow cold Your mistake burdens you a hundred fold God knows out hearts are weak But we must learn to thing before we speak And consider the damage that we wreak By choosing a foolish road to seek I don't want to go to the movies tonight. A rainbow. Pot of gold. Regardless of the day, I'm glad you were born.
The fallacy impinging on mankind Prevalent thoughout aeons Good and evil equally matched Sicker yet, that perniciousness will reign Satan, a dog on a leash Subject to the will and restrictions of the Father Incommensurate Lucifer, Mephistopheles, the Serpent, Belial Brought to life by the great I AM as an angel of light Pride, his downfall, cast down from Heaven Cursed to eat the dust of the earth The tempter was created by a God you deem fictious In a book that you call lies - make up your mind Prevaricator, larcenist, blinder of the world Deceiving fallen man into knowledge of the damned Obvious now, the notion absurd Incommensurate The leash is short but not for long Permanent incarceration imminent Agnus dei, the lamb of God defeated sin and grave His death and resurrection His plan in sovereign grace Y el diablo que los enga�aba fue lanzado al lago De fuego y azufre, donde tambien Estan la bestia y el falso profeta Y alli seran atormentados dia y noche Por los siglos de los siglos...
Exoskeletons 03:54
Waiting in fear My stepfather's prey Mother's mistake Now I'm blackmailed not to say Try to explain To a starving child The check's in the mail But it hasn't arrived We've got money for weapons And appeals to crimes Shadrack of Kenya May never reach five Look around and I will show you now A world that needs a way out Look around and I will show you how A man can gain understanding Can you tell me that it's me? Chemo has arrived Like a drive-by shooting Both the good and bad cells die The funeral's delayed Until the newlyweds arrive They pull him from the car That she followed behind State of panic reasoning Interrupts while she cries Summons the priest Can you fit two inside? Time has no respect for man Rain falls on the good and bad Though we may not understand We can choose to watch or extend our hands Look around and I will show you now A world that needs a way out Look around and then look at yourself Because you can help them out
Satan called upon the Lord "I must perform a test To prove that faith in God Is contingent on being blessed" One of the richest men of the second millennium Job was stripped of all his wealth Three daughters and seven sons He tore his robe And shaved his head Fell to the ground, worshipped God and said: I was naked when I came here I'll be naked when I leave here The Lord gave it So He can take it All away Satan called upon the Lord "Give me one more test Grant that I may strike his flesh And at you he'll shake his fist" From head to toe black boils Were pregnant on his skin His breath was super roached Stomach caving in Detested and forsaken by family and friends His wife said, "Curse your God And let yourself be dead!" I didn't ask you If I could come here So I cannot ask the Condition that I leave here I don't remember Planning my existence But why have you forsaken me? Rewarded for his faithfulness Job was given back his health Twice the riches as before Then God gave His discourse: Where were you when I Laid the foundations Dug the oceans And set its limits? Were you around when I Plotted constellations? Answer me! He who puts the Lord on trial Puts himself on the stand
Instrumental written by Ted Kirkpatrick
En Hakkore 03:38
Nazarite, set apart, he will lead them Hypersthenic, beyond renoun, dead Philistines your crown Tasting not of the vine or beware The razor shant come near the braids of your hair Living ungodly for you wasn't meant Entry of freedom is why you were sent Call to me and I will be the spring Call to me in need for I can turn your faith to strength The women you loved were not of your kind A weakness that severed your power divine You drank from the spring that God only gives Then slept with the enemy knowing your sin Because of your will to live not your vow Ocular gouging and death in the end Believe you were, example you are For us who partake of En Hakkore from within
Silly childhood game - Uncle Wiggly I cower in abject horror Approaching space number 109 Home of the gaunt and haggard shell of the Skeezix The emaciated figure Harboring the greed of a thousand Invading, thriving, ascaris whittles away The self confidence of young minds Casting doubt that they will Ever reach the finish to see for themselves The sagacious Uncle Wiggly His mission now is complete The arboreal king of misery and woe Skeezix reposes high on a knotty forest crag And the child still tries his best to Stay into the game But with insufficent, no volition Plotted course of demolition Goes through all the motions Musing caveat emptor and A predetermined failure He draws a card and all his fears come true Advance to 109 That's what you have to do When Mr. Skeezix becomes Mr. Jones Or you, or me Just think of what that does to wreck A child of two or three They know and feel much more than We will give them credit for And all they want in life from you Is love and nothing more When painful eyes begin to cringe When you walk through the door Remember children are a gift of love Sent from the Lord


released July 1, 1992


all rights reserved



Tourniquet Boca Raton, Florida

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