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Microscopic View of a Telescopic Realm

by Tourniquet

Words verbose, gory to what end do they serve? Or images vivid scarlet horrors absurd Of shrieking sounds that evoke the legions of hell The notes that you choose and the beats that you sell You're not giving all the glory to Him Because your artwork depicts a severed limb And all the people buy into your deceit Because you're keeping way too frantic a beat They said to Bach three hundred years ago "You work in the church there's something you should know We hired you to write music that glorifies But theses toccatas and fugues just simply horrify" He said, "they're simply notes put together in bars And why you think that's wrong I just throw up my arms" Eviscerate words that evoke emetic thoughts Dissect and discard what speaks of corpses in rot The leprous stumps of the sick and the lame The stoning of Stephen, Job's scab covered frame And John the Baptist - a head on a platter Remove this gorefest - why should it matter? You say this pace beckons evil spirits But I care not what you call it To me it's two hundred beats per minute On tablature I scrawled it If you arrived at the site Of Calvary's scarlet fright Would fears have made your feet take flight And turn away from our Lord's plight John 7:24
Fist through a wall - foot through a door Just another day for me to abhor There's a wall in my plan for you today There's a door with your name where it lay Years of hateful thoughts will get you back; I'll be at peace soon You think you're punishing me by your anger But it's you serving the jail sentence Heart turned to stone suffering all alone Calibrating how hatred can sink the power of forgiveness Anger needs a place to be buried Anger needs a process for its gravestone The time has come to speak of many things Not shoes and ships and sealing wax not cabbages and Kings But the way your raging words and actions Gouge a monumental chasm between us If I could only help you to see what I see As you push away the ones who love you Your world is closing in on you The once many friends become the reluctant few And when the few that remain choose rather to abstain You'll be left alone with all the pain And you'll ponder at length how a day turned a year And the years rolled along till nobody was near Broken before the One who understands That it's hard to let go of familiar land But you've got to leave the safe ground behind A better place is waiting where there's peace of mind Now that you've come to realize That chronic anger has a steep price Taking more than you can afford to give Stealing the joy that you need to live Proverbs 29:11
Darwinistic Dante's Inferno partially obstructed preconceptions steering the helm Microscopic View of a Telescopic Realm As the fire's embers faded and wrought their broken, dying ghosts black upon the ground And the sunlight sets the clouds aflame Do you not gaze in wonder of how they became? What good will it be for a man if he gains the whole world, yet forfeits his soul? And the grandest of valleys and canyons that are cut with the passing of eons of time From a wave of the mightiest hand from the giver of life and beauty sublime When the tufted footfalls of a jungle beast silently slip past your panicking feet And the soul within you marvels and your praise to Him is cast Do you really think Mr. Darwin's words and thoughts truly are the last? Chaos, order As scaled wings erupt in brilliant colors spectrum's view When a seed becomes a plant and then a tree then starts anew Of skeletal frame of fins and flight by chance they do appear by might? Of atoms protoplasmic start will soon contain a beating heart Chaos, order As the sunlight sets the clouds aflame, do you not wonder of how they became? If the monster lives in the depths of Loch Ness, And the Yeti prowls the nights in the Northwest He is their Maker - both the Giver of Life, the quencher of strife From the world's first dividing cell to the loneliest quarters of hell Matthew 16:26
I ask that You return me The years I did ignore Thee And with my burden bury The weight of guilt I carry And lead me to the well of life Before my soul departs Now I so clearly see how I have murdered me and I cannot fake what I tried to make of myself; a God Please heal me The halls of countless erudite teeming with the self deified Cloaked in snuffy habiliments No need to strive for holiness When beauty dies she leaves behind The scars of dreams abandoned long ago Where myriad wonders once repelled the onslaught of decay Now given to the manifold miseries of mortal dismay And out of joy is sorrow born the stained white halls are now forlorn Wisdom calls from these halls Now I so clearly see how I have murdered me and I cannot fake Please heal me So very wise in their own eyes The world's great minds will one day find That for life they studied, worked, and pined, But in wisdom made by man alone, That a high IQ with low regard Will be dethroned and from heaven barred Wisdom calls from these halls I ask that You return me The years I did ignore Thee And with my burden bury The weight of guilt I carry And lead me to the well of life Before my soul departs I Corinthians 1:27
Collect the skeletal remains Of long dead memories To line this rotting hole I've made inside me A scarred and twisted soul is all I've got to show For this life alone Among the dead, among the bones Burn me once Shame on you Burn me twice Shame on me You'll never get that close Not while I serve the bones Upon this anger upon this hatred I feed These things that somehow nourish will slowly kill me These talismans remind of pain felt over time Before this life I chose Among the dead, among the bones Ephesians 4:31
Surprised by such an evil thought Where did this thing come from? I thought I cast it far away But it's creepin back to me some My spirit's willing - flesh is weak Humility again I seek I had my heart in His command But soldiers fall when they proudly stand Another day again I pray that I may find the narrow way And like the camel trying to find that eye of the needle So aimlessly I search around with no answer to be found It's then I realize there's only one answer that's real Other gods have come and gone - One's left standing on the throne There is only One who's blameless, only One whose love sustains us Expunge at will on matters whether Gods exist to love proficient Setting out to prove He's false you ended up in foreign missions Analytic, pathogenic, supercalafragilistic Cut it up and let it stand the theologic test You'll see a faith that wavers not - others crumble, waste and rot Freedom, Freedom, Freedom When you think that you've arrived thousands more you have to drive Like a hand springing from the carnal six foot soil Buried many years ago never more again recoil When you think you stand alone you will fall despite your toil Freedom, Freedom, Freedom Seek not your life from any other His power alone is sufficient for you His love and His grace they will see you through The poisonous well has been purified The scars on your heart have been sanctified The Father above has been glorified When it seems life is a miserable place to be Remember the words that He gave you and me - Believe in your heart and you will be set free Proverbs 16:18
You've lived your whole life in this role Father checked out prematurely, mother drank away her soul You became the whipping boy for an angry, bitter man When you see this much this young you learn to cope as best you can The trick's to look remorseful, but never shoulder any blame Condition their responses, that's the way to play the game Crocodile tears stream from your eyes Shoot an anguished look up at the sky Then it's arms outstretched, and a southbound nose Your defensive stance Your martyr's pose It's now your nature, it fits you like a second skin You adopt your tortured posture when you feel their patience wearing thin Tell me how much alienation How much bitterness have you tasted How many years were wasted trying to turn dead roses red You typecast yourself in this role - your martyr's pose Genesis 4:13-14
It's not me, it's not mine Without this shadow my life would shine Get this monkey off my back Then I'll choose a better tack Parameters set far too narrow Pavement turns to broken gravel Ten commandments become suggestions My ordered life starts to unravel The square is always equal to the sum of the hypotenuse When you don't believe that what you reap is what you sow - you lose Indulgence by proxy a rope wound seven times, climb the stairs, drop the Platform, brings an end to my crimes The gavel fell with such a force I found my soul in much remorse The monkey died a bitter death The shadow faded then egressed Peeling back the ludicrous thought patterns of my past Trying to find some meaning try to make it really last Cerebellum traps a thought and holds it for eternity Pays me back in broken dreams till I let go that part of me He heals the broken hearted and binds up their wounds An alibi is what I need I hope and pray I find one The Holy Grail of bitterness The goblet of grace undone The shadow returned but this time white No more my skin does crawl Into my world the shadow invite Sadness left earth's ancient fall Cerebellum traps a thought and holds it for eternity Pays me back in broken dreams till I let go that part of me Indulgence by proxy a broken rope of seven White shadows glowing hand reaches down from heaven James 1:14
No morning cup of coffee That stuff just puts me right to sleep I'd rather see what's in this box Amusing bits of fiction Historical revision Misinformation for all the world to see Thinly veiled animosity Unbridled hostility You're lashing out at me Nobody told me this was meant to be a contest of popularity For supremacy Why do you think you're better than me? It's not what you achieve It's what you believe and who you place your trust in That ultimately gives you legitamacy This tiny little box echos with your rage Not since poor old pandora has so much venom been unleashed By simply opening a box Your take gets more embellished I truly think you relish the chance at another swing at me You wear your poker face: Big smile, every hair in place But you can't mask your rage Thinly veiled animosity Unbridled hostility You're lashing out at me Your mouth's like a ship with no rudder Why'd I ever call you a brother Don't greet me with a kiss This relationship doesn't need that twist The past is just that Let it die, let sleeping dogs lie Six years and counting why don't you let go of your rage Ephesians 4:25
I. The Suffering Skeezix bloated in petulance from the night's debauch Wields his mutated feline frame down from his arboreal watch Space 109 is always occupied by the countless faces who tried and tried Bruises from an unseen source as a chronic abuser runs his course There is no remorse Sinewy limbs reach through the bars to collect the carcasses of souls Given over to the deeds of infamy, Skeezix took his toll The ungainly truncated form of the docile Pipsisewah Subtle in demeanor yet with powers that beggar description They call him by different names Some call him Gilgamesh, the man who has never tasted death The size of the room is half as large cause your fears became your vice II. The Battle Tormentor underestimating the power of the Pipsisewah Confrontation on the grandest scale the outcome already known The child whose humble prayer set the battle of ages Torment no more III. The Victory We call him Jehovah who's always near And you can win the battle when you pray without fear The weak are victorious when the strong reaches down And the ones who bring sadness will bow to the Crown Matthew 19:14


released July 1, 2000


all rights reserved



Tourniquet Boca Raton, Florida

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